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Word Mojo Gold 1.30

No Image limited word variations played against the clock or with no time limit. Score BIG by placing letters strategically over the random colored tiles to acquire 3 or more Mega Mojo Letters, and you`ll advance to the Mega Mojo round. Exceed your target score each round, and you`ve got major Mojo! Java Web version -- 400k Features: Timed mode only 6 letter words (27,800 word dictionary) Mega Mojo Round 7 letter max Win32 version Features: Timed

Access Boss 3.2: Restrict access to a PC for certain users based on time factors. Try it today!
Access Boss 3.2

time (for each user, for each day of the week, with 1-minute precision). When the user`s time is up, Access Boss will log the user off automatically. Access Boss features an extensive set of security options, including password protected program access, remote computer management, registry data protection, system time changing limitations, and set of shell security options that can help you to create a limited working environment. Download a FREE

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IsOnPost 1.1: IsOnPost helps you organize and remind you of various events and happenings.
IsOnPost 1.1

time limit for each note, IsOnPost opens a calendar and lets you enter a time limit with ease, the note is then automatically assigned to a group that matches the selected date. IsOnPost lets you change the borders of your time line, so you can define the groups that you wish to represent, for example, things to do before 1, 10, 15 and 20 days. Each group has its own color setting, notes in the same group have the same color. You can easily personalize

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Easter Egg Hunt 1.0.0: Collect all Easter eggs within time limits!
Easter Egg Hunt 1.0.0

In this game the player has to collect all Easter eggs in the level within time limit before he can proceed to the next level. Player collect eggs simply by clicking on them. The time remains from a level will be carried over to the next level; but if a player runs out of time, the game is over. The goal of the game is to find all Easter eggs in all levels before time runs out.

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ClickWork 1.5: A no-nonsense, very-easy-to-use Time Tracker.
ClickWork 1.5

Time Tracker. For the professional pc-user. Multi-user. Supports usergroups. Reporting on various levels. Statistical reports. Graphs. Features for manager. Fully configurable. Full featured trial version without time limit. Powerful licensing scheme. ESSENCE: Create an activity button when needed. Then click the button and ClickWork will start tracking the time spent on that activity. Simply click once more on the activity button to stop the tracking

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Bonanza Brothers 1.0: This is a totally fun and wacky game.
Bonanza Brothers 1.0

As either Mobo or Robo, you must collect all the treasures before leaving the ten buildings, and shoot any security guards that get in your way. Remember that you are under a time limit. An in-game map will help you locate the treasures. If you manage to get all gold bars, 10,000 points is added to your score.

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AgataSoft TimeLock 1.5: Limit your child`s computer usage.
AgataSoft TimeLock 1.5

Does your child play on a computer for a whole day? Spending to much time at the computer can be a quite harmful for his health and even may cause some physical and mental diseases. AgataSoft TimeLock helps you to protect him from this danger by limiting the time which your child spends at pc. You can use this program to let your children play with the computer for a limited time a day. After the time is over, the computer will be blocked.

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